Kvalitní český úplet PLEAS
PLEAS a.s.

PLEAS a.s.

PLEAS a.s. is covering the multi-level value chain in knitting, dyeing and making-up with cutting, sewing and packing (CMT) with own production plants.

The headquarters are located in Havličkův Brod - in the middle of the Czech Republic.

We are continuing a long and successful tradition in the area of producing high sophisticated underwear in a region, where the PLEAS a.s. is holder of the certificate Vysočina - regional product.

On this web side you find information about planning and production processes as well as the assurance of quality parameters. A short film is supporting this review. This allows a look behind the scenes of the company, the area and production plants.

We are represented with day- and nightwear of our own brand pleas in the categories women, men and children on the Czech and Slovakian market. To see more about our products please visit us at www.pleas.cz.

Pleas have received prestigious apprecitation ČEKIA Stability Award 2013 „AA“ – superior

Apprecitation ČEKIA Stability Award provides independent view of financial and unfinancial bonding capacity of the company. It indicates the actual stand of the company, it´s financial situation including future risks prediction. This rating index is placing Pleas between the steadiest companies in Czech Republic, what is demonstrated by evaluation „AA“ - Superior.

Stable company, high probability for reliable filling liabilities from commercial relations, high probability return rate of investments, low credit risks, minimal failure risk.



Kvalitní český úplet je základem pro kvalitní české prádlo, které najdete na pleas.cz.


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